RREF Hardship Funding Now Available


Tom DalesIn addition to organising student activities, the RREF Hardship Fund is now open for applications from those who find themselves in financial need due to unforeseen circumstances.

Tom Dales, a RREF Bursary recipient kindly shares his own experiences of how RREF funding has benefitted him.

"Throughout my time at the University of Reading, RREF has had a huge impact on my studies, personal life and my future, thanks to the support I have received over the last 24 months I feel confident that my final year and future career are set to be a success.

I was introduced to RREF through the Evening Lecture Series, which has provided a wealth of knowledge that has been absolutely crucial to my studies and understanding of the industry I hope to join next year. During my second year, these lectures took on a new meaning as the need to apply for internships and eventually graduate positions loomed closer. I must say, however, that I have felt very well prepared thanks to the fantastic range of companies and guest speakers that visit the university each year.

All the way through university I have struggled with my finances. My family has been great and always tries to support me as much as possible but there have been many times where my place at Reading has hung from a very thin string. I managed to complete my first year on my own but as the second year began it became clear that I would be unable to continue for very long. I found that applications for summer internships and travel back and forth to London for interviews were not very friendly to my wallet and before long bills at the end of each month became a constant worry.

Since I first joined the University, RREF have often mentioned the financial support available and after a quick and easy chat with the RREF team I submitted an application for the RREF Bursary Fund. To my delight, I was awarded the Drivers Jonas 1725 Bursary and the struggle and stress of university life evaporated overnight. I found that I could apply myself to my studies with a newly found vigour that has kept me going to this day.

And best of all, my new found confidence allowed me to gain a summer internship at a large surveying firm in London. With fantastic support from my RREF mentor this opportunity has now grown to a full-time graduate position when I leave university next year.

I can say without doubt that none of this would have been possible without RREF support and I will continue to support the charity throughout my career. Supporters, donors, mentors and the RREF team have given me so much and words will never express how truly grateful I am.

Any student would be a fool not to take advantage of the great opportunities offered by RREF, whether  that may be applying for financial support through to the Mentoring Programme.

I cannot wait to get involved when I leave university and look forward to helping others in the same way that RREF has made a huge difference to my life."

Tom Dales,  BSc Real Estate

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