RREF Access Internships 2013

Isabelle Markey 1Two of our students describe their experiences of the Access Internship Scheme.

I first became aware of the Access Internship Scheme through the RREF website, and was delighted to have found a scheme specifically designed to help students who may otherwise have struggled to get their initial internship. The application process was straightforward, with applicants simply having to state eligibility for the scheme and the key transferable skills that we possessed. While writing my application I was able to seek advice from both the university careers advisory service and my personal tutor, which not only helped me to put together a strong application, but was also invaluable in aiding me to focus on what I was hoping to achieve from the internship.

Once accepted onto the scheme, students are provided with consistent and exceptional support from the RREF team, including a pre-internship meeting, which focused on how students could make the most of their placement, as well as to address any questions or worries that may occur. This was especially helpful for those who had not yet completed an internship and were unsure of what to expect.

The team I was assigned during my internship were all extremely approachable and enthusiastic to answer any questions about the work I was given or more general queries regarding the industry itself. The wide variety of projects and site visits I was able to participate in allowed me to put into practice what I had learned in first year, as well as providing a context to the role of the wider industry within the market. In addition to the office-based work, I was able to make use of opportunities such as study sessions and networking events, which allowed me to make further contacts outside of my placement firm. The experience as a whole was extremely enjoyable, with regular after work drinks and sports events with other firms and interns.

Throughout my placement, I remained in regular contact with the staff at RREF, who ensured I was both enjoying and benefiting from the experience. I felt secure in the knowledge that, had there been any issues I would have known who I could contact and that it would be easily and promptly resolved.

Overall, the scheme is an exceptional way for students to gain an invaluable placement with leading firms in the real estate sector, while benefiting from the exceptional support from RREF.

Isabelle Markey, Access Intern 2013


Sam BurgessI am a third year student and over the summer this year I was lucky enough to gain a place on the RREF access internship scheme. I was unsure whether to apply but I am thoroughly glad that I did as it was an invaluable opportunity. Coming from a background outside of property I had no relevant property experience at that point and had no network of contacts to call upon to try and gain a placement. Also the scheme funds your placement, this was useful to cover the travel and living costs associated with working in London.

I heard about the scheme via a talk given during a lecture and it was also advertised on the RREF Facebook page. The application process was very straight forward and involved just an application form with your reasons for applying for the scheme and what areas of real estate you were interested in. This was then used to decide whether you were suitable and to help pair you with one of the many organisations that got involved. Some of which are leaders in the industry. I was extremely happy to be paired with DTZ in their City Investment Agency team as this was an area I really wanted to get some exposure to having chosen to take the Investment and Finance pathway for my third year and was a consideration for my career after graduation.

Once the host company has been decided, it is up to you, with help from the RREF team if needed, to arrange when you will undertake the four-week placement. I had a great time during my four weeks at DTZ and the team really made me feel at home. I was able to undertake work that was useful for the team but was also varied and interesting. I would often go on viewings with the investment and office agency teams and was able to attend a building inspection. It enabled me to see what surveyors do on a day-to-day basis and also to talk to graduates within the organisation to find out more about the graduate programme and the APC. During my four weeks the team was hosting its summer day out which was a great day to get to know the team and interact outside the work place.

Overall I would highly recommend the scheme to anyone looking to gain experience in the industry or who may be struggling to find a placement or cannot afford to undertake an unpaid internship. The RREF team provide support throughout the process to make sure that you are getting on well and provide a training day before the placement which provides you with all the information you need to impress and can allay any fears you may have.

Sam Burgess, Access Intern 2013

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