The Beckett Research Centre is comprised of a community of researchers who are internationally recognised for their world-leading research on Beckett, utilising the large collection of Beckett materials housed at the University's Special Collections. Staff, postgraduates and associates are engaged in a wide variety of research activities, including collaborative research projects and outreach initiatives, TV and radio appearances for news and culture items about Beckett, publishing books, articles and online think pieces, and delivering keynote speeches at international conferences.

The Centre promotes interdisciplinary research on Beckett, supporting international collaborative projects and initiatives that not only advance Beckett Studies itself, but also demonstrate the writer's relevance to 21st-century global issues and debates, such as climate change, health and wellbeing, education, disability, violence and trauma, minority identities, migration, and 'post-truth' politics.

Beckett Research Centre inaugural themes

Each year, we will present a programme of public events around one or two themes or topics that foreground the significance of Beckett's works in these debates. The themes for 2017-18 are:

  • Beckett and the Environment
  • Beckett and Europe

More information about these research themes will be posted here in due course.

See the links in the sidebar for more information about the wide range of research initiatives, outputs and events that the Centre supports.  




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