Year Reps - supporting alumni from over four decades

Within the RREF alumni community we have a total of 70 Year Reps supporting alumni from over four decades. Our Year Reps are alumni who volunteer to represent their graduation year and be a contact for alumni within their specific year. They help to increase the number of alumni we are in touch with and grow an active community, as well as helping other alumni get back in touch with old friends from Reading.

Year Reps are hugely important as they support RREF in three key areas:

  • They help track down alumni from their year group that we have lost contact with enabling RREF and others from their year to engage with one another
  • They support the promotion of, and get involved with our events and fundraising activities
  • They help by broadening links to industry and help to maintain and grow the RREF community

We aim to have at least one Year Rep for each graduation year from the early 70s to the present. We are currently looking to secure individuals to represent the following years:

 Graduation Year  Programme
 1972  BSc
 1975  BSc
 1980  BSc
 1982 (2nd rep)  BSc
 1983  BSc
 1988  BSc
 1989  BSc
 1990  MSc
 1991  MSc
 1993  MSc
 1994  MSc
 1995  MSc
 1997  BSc and MSc
 1998  BSc and MSc
 2001  MSc
 2002  MSc
 2005  MSc

Become a Year Rep

Becoming a Year Rep will help to grow your own network of contacts whilst helping you to get back in touch with friends and share memories of your time at the University of Reading. If you would like to volunteer, please contact Gill Kemp on or call +44 (0) 118 378 4191.

Equally, if you are unsure of who your graduation Year Rep is and would like to make contact with them, please contact Gill Kemp and we can put you in touch.


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