One RG10 committee member reflects on the impact of RREF over the past 10 years

With the first quarter of the year done and dusted we start hurtling towards the start of a summer bursting with optimism and at this point we consider RREFs own milestones and namely its 10th anniversary celebrations. This comes at a time when the industry remains in go slow mode and daily statisticians continue to contradict one another on the progress of the economy. Sadly the toll of this can be witnessed by the new crop of students trying to gain entry into an industry where consolidation and job cuts have reduced the number of graduate places. This, at a time when the quality of candidates is at an all time high as the financial sector continues to also trim its numbers.

Oliver SpracklingRREF has become integral to forming the link between the University of Reading and the industry at large and it is a testament to the financial support that its many corporate patrons provide which is truly significant during times of such austerity. The charitable efforts and support from industry figureheads have enabled new generations of property graduates to feel the benefit.

Because property is an industry where everyone is actively so intertwined and where the fruits of our work are so visible, we appear genuinely interested in consuming every ounce of information that comes our way even beyond our normal working hours. This certainly appears to be the case when compared to listening with friends in other professional service industries who regard anything related to their industries beyond normal working hours as a chore rather than a benefit.

All of this leads back to where RREF comes in and how we should remember the excellent work the organisation carries out whether it be the Annual Dinner, Profile Talks, Breakfast Forums, social events, industry debates, mentoring programme, golf days or rugby events.

Certainly looking back on my short time in the industry, the moments that have most inspired me often come from listening to how those before us have gone on to be the big hitters in the industry. But beyond all of this what truly matters is our relationships amongst each other and where Reading sets itself apart is transmitting this philosophy from our humble University days through to RREF's activity over the course of our careers. In times like these, as my bosses always stress, relationships become ever more important and it is for this reason alone we should continue to support RREF in its function as a medium to help us successfully navigate paths through the industry at large.

Oliver Sprackling
Surveyor, CBRE (MSc Real Estate, 2009)

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