Mentoring Programme Update

Now in its sixth year, the RREF Mentoring Programme is going from strength to strength. With over 350 mentors involved worldwide, we have over 200 new partnerships this academic year alone. The Programme has been cited by students as one of the deciding factors in their choice to study Real Estate at Reading, which celebrates its strong links with alumni and industry, and it also scored highly in enhancing their overall student experience.

The RREF Mentoring Programme is at the forefront of similar schemes planned at The University and as such we are participating in a University-wide project to further develop mentoring for other subject areas. In October RREF accepted the University of Reading Team Award for Outstanding Contributions to Teaching and Learning 2012-13 for the Mentoring Programme. We gratefully thank all those involved in making it such a success so far. By giving their time and support, our mentors have helped improve our students' employability, enhance their commercial awareness, instil confidence and build a strong bond between students, the University, alumni and industry volunteers.

John Tranter Memorial Mentoring Awards

In recognition of the efforts made by both mentors and mentees, the John Tranter Memorial Awards for Mentor and Mentee of the Year 2012/13 were awarded at the RREF Annual Dinner in two weeks ago. We received a large number of outstanding nominations from mentees and mentors and we are delighted to report that Jack Haining, a part 3 student nominated by John Woolsey was awarded Mentee of the Year. Colin Campbell, nominated by Rada Popova, was awarded Mentor of the Year. Jack commented: menteeaward2013

"It is a great honour to have been nominated and subsequently to have won the Mentee if the Year Award. I feel incredibly fortunate to have been a part of such a successful partnership between myself and John Woolsey and very much look forward to this continuing this going forward. This year the time John has dedicated with our regular meetings has become a fundamental part of my second year at University and his advice has been invaluable.

The programme gives students a vital link to industry and more specifically with someone you can relate to as a member of the strong alumni network. The meetings, calls and emails that are set up between mentor's and their mentee's have the potential to play a significant part in the employability and decision making of the students during a critical internship and graduate application time. It is the strength of the course together with initiatives set up by RREF such as the mentoring programme that really differentiate the course and create the unique experience that Reading has to offer."

Colin added:

"I am delighted to have been chosen as Mentor of the Year. I have acted as a mentor for the last five years or so and have found it very rewarding. It has given me the chance to meet and get to know two Chinese students, a Russian and now a Bulgarian, none of whom I would otherwise have met. In turn, I hope that I have been able to be of some help to them, telling them more about the structure of the real estate industry, about the opportunities it might offer them and introducing them to colleagues and contacts of mine to whom they might not otherwise have access."

Colin Campbell, former Chairman of Pradera (BSc Estate Management, 1978)

The RREF Mentoring Reception is due to take place in March with nominations for mentors and mentee of the year opening thereafter. We look forward to welcoming mentors from home and abroad.

Call for International Mentors

While we have paired up the majority of our mentees for this academic year, we are still in search of international e-mentors in China, Russia, Bulgaria and Vietnam among other countries if you or your colleagues would be willing to help please register here.

Further information

For further information about the RREF Mentoring Programme, please contact Katie Dunbar, Student Support & Employability Officer, or tel. 0118 378 4192.

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