Andrew Baum retires from REP

RREF Founding President retires from the School of Real Estate and Planning

After more than 40 years of association with the University of Reading and the Reading Real Estate Foundation, Professor Andrew Baum has retired from the School of Real Estate and Planning. A highly respected and well liked individual and alumnus, Andrew is known to our alumni not only for his teaching and research, but also for his strong links to the industry and leadership in bringing alumni and firms together to establish the Reading Real Estate Foundation (RREF) in 2002.andrew_baum

Andrew's connections with the University have been under a number of guises, joining as an Undergraduate at the age of 17, studying as a Postgraduate for his MPhil and PhD, and employed as a Lecturer and later becoming a Professor, all the time developing his career within education and beyond. In addition to this, Andrew has worked with several fellow alumni and patrons to build RREF, formalising the tremendous network already out there after realising that the government funding of universities was bound to change, and that the UK lacked alumni networks at its universities like those that exist so prominently in the United States.  

Bryan Laxton, CEO UK Cushman & Wakefield, Reading Graduate and RREF Trustee explained:

"Occasionally people are privileged to get the chance to work with a real giant of the property world and I feel privileged having worked with Andy Baum at RREF. Andy is a quite unique character who brought passion and commitment and limitless energy to everything he did. Without Andy's vision more than 10 years ago, his determination to succeed and his remarkable ability to bring others with him on a journey, RREF would not exist today. Quite how he managed to anticipate the need for RREF all those years ago, let alone translate his dream into reality by persuading a few other visionaries to back him and part with substantial sums of cash is remarkable. We all owe Andy a huge debt for his outstanding work.

In his early days at Reading, when I first came across Andy in the late 1970s, he was known for his boundless enthusiasm in the lecture theatre and tutorials. He was a ball of energy and admired for his commitment as well as personal interest in each student. His success with David Mackmin in writing the stand out Valuation text book of its time proved that Reading was the best Real Estate course and begrudgingly admired by its many competitors.

In addition to Andy's endearing characteristics as an academic he had a remarkable career out "in the field" and set up some industry leading groups in the indirect investment arena - another example of his visionary qualities. Very few people have had Andy's success in creating valuable businesses let alone his success as an academic teacher and author. To succeed so visibly and over so many years at both is truly unique.

Everyone seeks success in their working life and some succeed more than others, but to see the fruits of your labour live on and gain even more momentum after one retires is beyond the hope and dreams of the vast majority. Fortunately for Reading University, Andy Baum is not part of the vast majority, he stands head and shoulders above others. For those of us privileged to have worked with Andy and benefitted from his many remarkable qualities we can only stand and admire one of the outstanding real estate professionals of his generation.'"

Awarded Emeritus Professor, Andrew will be remaining in touch with the University, RREF and those related to what he believes is "still the best real estate department in the UK, Europe and maybe the world." In his outgoing communication to fellow colleagues he wrote, "I will be very pleased to maintain my Reading connection and to contribute what I can until my final expiration, hopefully some years off!"



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