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Supporting Property Market Transparency in Panama: Workshop on the Price Index for New Homes in Panama

Escaping the British Winter for a few days, Dr Anupam Nanda and Ms Dimitra Kavarnou travelled to Panama City in November 2014 to present their work on constructing a House Price Index in Panama. Hosted by Panama’s banking regulator Superintendencia de Bancos de Panamá, the aim of the workshop was to develop the expertise and skills capacity in the local real estate sector.

This is the first time that a House Price Index will be developed for Panama, and it will have applications both within the Panamanian property market, and the larger international investment market. The research is therefore timely given the rapid transformation occurring in the housing market in this region; the index will act as a benchmark for negotiations and also underpin the structure of robust mortgage products.

The increased transparency within the Panamanian property market, reflected by the new House Price Index, should drive growth and create a sustainable environment for property transactions. The Index will enable the analysis and identification of trends in house prices and create a better understanding of the market dynamics.

The impact of this research will therefore be far reaching by spanning a number of end users within the real estate sector, both within the Panama region, and beyond. It will facilitate urban development and planning, whilst underpinning the regulatory and policy-making processes in this major sector of the Panamanian economy. The Panama House Price Index could also be used as an exemplar of best practice for other Latin American countries (with similar expanding property industries) and which do not currently have a House Price Index (e.g. Colombia, Costa Rica).

This project is funded by the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office along with contributions from the Reading Real Estate Foundation.

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