International Opportunities for Students

Real Estate and Planning students given the opportunity to undertake part of their studies in Malaysia.

By Lindsey Keys, Alumni Relations and Events Assistant, Henley Business School.

In February of this year the University of Reading officially launched its campus in Malaysia based at EduCity at Iskandar, the launch of the Malaysian campus forms part of a wider strategy by the University to build on its strong international reputation and enhance its growing international presence.

Asia was perceived as the next logical choice, and when approached to join EduCity this seemed the best fit, with many Malaysian students already choosing to study at Reading, a strong local alumni network, and Reading having already collaborated in the region.

The campus has already enrolled its first cohort of students, offering courses in business, law, pharmaceutical sciences and the built environment, giving students the benefit of a UK education with the opportunity to study in the UK.

With Henley Business school degree programmes amongst the first being offered at UoR Malaysia this has meant that students studying relevant business and Real Estate degrees at Henley Business School in the UK have been offered the opportunity to apply to study in Malaysia for a term. The opportunity to apply was offered to BSc students from the School of Real Estate and Planning, who would be in their second BSc year in 2016/17.

Three Real Estate and Planning students applied and will be undertaking their Autumn Term in Malaysia. RREF chatted with Sarah, on why she applied and what she hopes to gain from the experience.

“I am keen to travel to immerse myself into different cultures and expand my global awareness, however I have not yet had the opportunity to do so as I have been committed to my academic life. When I heard about the option to study in Malaysia I was thrilled as I felt it offered an invaluable opportunity to travel without the need to take time away from my studies. Allowing me the chance to engage with a culture that greatly contrasts to the lifestyle I am so accustomed to whilst still working towards my degree.

I hope this experience will shape my perspective upon both life and learning, exposing me to such a diverse and dynamic environment. Malaysia has regularly been dubbed ‘Asia in miniature’ and I believe the experience will allow me to develop my understanding of Asian traditions and values as a whole. This may be advantageous for my future career as Asia is a growing focus for business and many of the Real Estate firms that I aspire to work for offer graduate opportunities within the region. I hope to benefit my employability by developing my ability to adapt to different environments and connect with individuals from a variety of backgrounds.”

RREF continually seeks to support the educational experiences of students and to enable our students to take advantage of international learning opportunities, thanks to the support of our donors we are able to offer travel bursaries to assist students with travel costs where necessary.

If you would like to find out further information on University of Reading Malaysia and supporting students please contact  or call 0118 378 4192.


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