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P2P_Sophie_Quote_Work_ExperienceIn October half term Pathways Summer School Students experienced the real, Real Estate industry

By Emily Archer, Pathways to Property Manager, RREF

October half-term saw thirty-nine year 13 students entering the world of work as part of the Pathways to Property initiative. All the students had attended the Pathways to Property Summer School in July 2015, and had applied for a work placement to further their knowledge and understanding of the careers available within the real estate and property sector.

Seventeen firms hosted the students for the week, and arranged exciting programmes for them to take part in. Some students shadowed recent graduates, others worked on specific projects, many went on site visits, and others worked across different teams within the firm. The one thing in common from all the different work placements is the feedback from the students themselves who have been overwhelmingly positive about the experience. Balqaysa noted that she would ‘like to give a special thank you for those who organised it. I had an amazing time and learnt invaluable things. Initially I was slightly unsure about if I was going to pursue a career in property but now I am adamant to.’ Tillie had a similar experience, saying, ‘thank-you very much with all the assistance in getting the work experience and with the bursary. I had an absolutely fantastic week and [it] has made me very excited to pursue a career in Real Estate.’

These placements wouldn’t be possible without the support and willingness of the host firms to provide placements for the students, and we are very grateful for the time and effort put into organising these opportunities for the students.

Work experience placements are an important part of the Pathways to Property initiative as they help participants from non-traditional and disadvantaged backgrounds develop their understanding of careers in property and experience working in a corporate environment. The students have no links with the property sector, so these placements provide the opportunity for them to gain an experience of the industry as well as giving them a chance to network within the sector. Placements give students the opportunity to develop work-related skills such as team work, communication, time keeping and research skills which are valued by employers. Many of the students are now working on university applications and a significant number of them are planning to apply for real estate and property-related courses.

If you would like to learn more about Pathways, or how your organisation could host a future student, please contact or call 0118 378 4196.



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