Supporting International Real Estate and Planning Students

GodwinDiscover the impact donor support has in helping International students to study Real Estate at Henley.

Every year RREF offers an International MSc African Scholarship, without this scholarship, one of our current international students Godwin Obali from Uganda would not have been able to undertake his studies. In conjunction with this scholarship the Aubrey Barker Trust Fund Bursary has generously supported Godwin with his living costs. Uganda is one of the least developed countries on the globe, and hence Godwin falling into a low income earning group was not in a position to pay for the required tuition fees to study at Henley and advance his prospects in the way he aimed.

As a highly motivated individual with a sound academic background who had already shown a commitment to his studies by gaining a BSc. in Land Economics in Uganda, Godwin chose to pursue his Master’s degree at Henley. With the Real Estate Appraisal and Valuation modules offered on the course he knew he would gain the necessary up to-date Valuation techniques (Income Approach) which could be emulated in Uganda for greater global uniformity of methods applied in appraising commercial and residential properties.

Speaking of the impact that studying at Henley Business School has made to him and the benefits for his future, Godwin says; “I will be capable to analyse the real estate markets better and hence provide an improved consultative advice to the concerned department of the government (Uganda) on how to improve the real estate sector to be in a position to compete globally.

With the lectures, scientific knowledge and practical skills I have acquired I will be able to become a dependable and innovative professional in the real estate sector in Uganda, I will be able to work and educate my fellow professionals in my home country.

I also intend to lecture in one of the Universities back in my home country and share the knowledge I have acquired while at the School of Real Estate and Planning, because I in life have always believed that “Knowledge Shared Yields Greater Fruits For Eternity”.

Godwin has been totally reliant on the generosity of RREF its donors, and the Aubrey Barker Trust, without whom he would not have been able to fulfil his dream and pass on the benefits of the knowledge he has gained. On his behalf and the others who have benefitted from the MSc RREF African Scholarship we would like to take this opportunity to thank all our donors for their support.

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