Alumni Volunteering as Mentors

Focusing on one of RREF’s core volunteering activities; the RREF Mentoring Programme, here we profile one of our current mentors Holly Franklin and her involvement.

Holly Franklin: Current Mentor

Holly is a prime example of how effective Mentoring can be and how volunteering on the RREF Mentoring Programme can make a real difference to both the mentors personal development and in maintaining connections with the University.

Holly currently has a group of seven mentees, including two that she began mentoring in October 2014. Not only does she volunteer her time to these two current students but also to the five others who have now graduated. They all meet up once a quarter to talk about how everything is going- and to allow the conversation to flow between the mentees themselves which means that Holly is not always necessarily called upon for advice - her mentees have even given mock APC interviews to each other. Now that Holly is further from her own student experience she knows that those mentees who have more recently graduated can offer better advice on particular procedures to her current student mentees - effectively they all mentor down the chain.

Holly explains why she got involved in the programme to begin with.

My initial interest in the RREF Mentoring Programme came from a genuine want to help someone else to progress their career. Whilst doing my MSc at Reading, I had people that I was able to call upon for career advice and so I wanted to help those who didn’t necessarily have access to the same resources – it is very rewarding to identify someone’s area of talent and offer advice to point them in a particular direction – even more so when they take up your advice! The programme is a great way to stay in touch with the University of Reading and can also contribute to your own career development- when I originally joined the programme I was not managing a team of my own so therefore had very little experience of people development. The mentoring scheme helped me to recognise my strengths in this area.’

Holly is just one of nearly 350 alumni and industry professionals acting as Mentors this year and with increasing student numbers many mentors have taken on two or even three mentees, for this RREF and RE&P Henley Business School would like to take the opportunity to thank you all for the hard work, dedication, time and expertise that you show to students every year.

For all those registered on the RREF Mentoring Programme 2014/15 please see the Mentoring Reception information.

 If you are interested in learning more about the programme and would like to become a Mentor for the 2015/16 academic year then please contact us on  


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