RG10: Engaging the Recent Graduates

Oli Sprackling, Chair of the RG10 Committee explaOli_Spracklingins why he got involved and his plans for taking things forward.

After taking over as the RG10 committee chair, I am now looking to build upon the excellent work Andrew Marshall did in driving forward the RG10 initiative with the next generation of young professionals entering the industry.

I became involved with RG10 because I really bought into the idea of there being a body that is dedicated to young professionals in the industry. We are still the only Real Estate Alumni group that focuses on those who have graduated in the last 10 years. We help to bridge the gap between leaving University and embarking on a career in property and this is important, as the industry is so diverse and has so much to offer.

The RG10 committee is part of RREF but is composed entirely of members from both the masters and undergraduate programmes that have graduated in the last 10 years of University. This means that we act as spokespersons for our year groups and for young professionals from Reading entering the industry.

The objective is to put the interests of our peer group to the fore front by hosting dedicated events. This includes profile talks with industry leading figures, sports events that provide the opportunity for reunions amongst alumni and initiatives aimed at students entering the industry. These events provide opportunities to network with not only fellow professionals at the same stage of their careers but also past Alumni, who are on hand to talk through their experiences of working their way to the top in an increasingly diverse industry.

Most recently we invited John Slade, Chief Executive of BNP Paribas Real Estate to talk through his career in property since graduating from Reading University in 1978. This was an insightful session which highlighted John's experiences of navigating through the various peaks and troughs in the property industry, which was not lost on an audience that ranged from students to more experienced professionals that have entered the industry during an extremely challenging period. RREF RG10 logo

Moving forward we are looking at exciting new events to add to the calendar including building tours of brand new developments. These events will stimulate the mind, inspire the next generation and focus on supporting individuals moving through their careers.

Further Information

To learn more about the RG10 Committee and how you can get involved contact Kerry Johnston k.johnston@rref.reading.ac.uk 0118 378 4191. 



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